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The concept of caravan is believed to have been existent even in the era of early civilization, but historically had its trace back in the 15th century, where pilgrims travel together in groups, with closed or covered carts carrying their goods and belongings, pulled by animals called beasts of burden and later on by motor vehicles. It was later adapted by merchants even up to the modern times, wherein the concept is used in marketing to reach out to prospect customers in the outskirts of the city and other rural areas and remote places. In other words, it is applied as a marketing strategy to bring their goods or services to the customers, for their convenience. This strategy is also applicable in campaigns like that of food safety.

As part of its advocacy, QUALITY PLUS comes up with the Caravan concept of bringing the food safety awareness campaign to the outskirts of the metropolis, and hopefully later to the remote areas of the country. In 2015, there will be four target food industry sectors the company's food safety team will visit:


  • February 2015 Group of organized small scale farmers in Pampanga

  • April 2015 Group of fisher folks in Navotas City

  • June 2015 Group of small scale food processors in Rizal province

  • August 2015 Group of street food vendors in Metro Manila

The series of caravans are aimed at enriching the Philippine food industry integrity through food safety awareness, even at the level of small scale industries and enterprises including the informal economy sector. It will be culminated as part of the program of a two-day Annual Food Safety Conference 2015 in Metro Manila.

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