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Julius L. Ronquillo

People and Corporate Culture Development Coach


JULIUS L. RONQUILLO, is a People and Culture Development Coach, with 13 years of expertise in facilitating People Development courses including Team Leadership and Supervision, Personality Development Counseling, Leadership Support Program, Effective and Intentional Marketing Skills, Continuous Personality Development Program, Financial Development, and Practical Coaching and Mentoring in the social, religious, and financial aspect. He has also formulated training modules for leadership and continuous personality development, and multimedia production.


He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Guidance and Counselling at the Far East Advent School of Theology. He also attended various people development seminars and workshops including a series of leadership training from John Maxwell Million Leaders Mandate from 2002 to 2015. For 17 years, he is an event organizer supervising and establishing support groups from logistics, production, direction, and execution to meet the desired outcome.  His early career started in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry where in he was nurtured to become an effective team player and increase service productivity level for customer service and technical assistance.


He was a financial consultant at Pru Life Insurance Corporation of UK offering comprehensive financial planning service. Moreover, he also became a Wealth Management Specialist in JP Morgan Chase & Co. known for having the highest First Person Resolution recognition in assisting customers with their financial plans. He was nominated twice for having Perfect Customer Satisfaction level and was recognized twice for his excellent customer relation skills. His skill in motivating people keeps improving up to the time being, having engaged in some non-secular appointments of reaching out to people from all walks of life with values nurturing as an effective foundation of highly competent and performing employees.

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