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Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Society 2019


Last December 2-5, 2019, Mr. Henry O. Palaca, Quality Plus President, participated in The 20th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems with the conference theme "Reexamining the role of IE/MS Beyond 2020" (APIEMS 2019) at Kanazawa, Japan.

Mr. Hirokazu Kono, General Chair of APIEMS 2019, mentioned in his message that ..."Beyond the role of tools to solve well-organized problems, creative role to find and identify problems/issues is expected to IE/MS. In this regard, the conference is expected to be the opportunity to re-think the future roles of IE/MS from various countries in this region. Enriched communication and collaborative opportunities should be provided at Kanazawa." In this regard, professors, researchers and industry experts from different parts of Japan and other Asian countries simultaneously presented their papers in the eight (8) parallel sessions. Some of the paper topics were Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing, Tourism Management, Knowledge and Information Management, Probability and Statistical Modeling, Quality Engineering and Management, Reliability and Maintenance and Product Design. For more information about APIEMS 2019, visit

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