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The seminar held at Discovery Suites last November 28, 2016 was attended by at least 70 delegates from different cosmetic companies from different parts of the country and Asia. Mentil started the program by introducing its marketing research abilities and the trends in behavior of the market. It was followed by CareSil, a brand of NuSil, with newest technologies in cosmetics formulation with its surfactant-free formulations. The last to present was Colonial Chemical sharing its newest lines of products and cosmetic ingredients.


PSCS, by its quarterly seminar, not only to promote and share the latest developments in field of cosmetics formulation, manufacturing, and marketing, but also strengthen ties with various suppliers of the cosmetic manufacturing industry through their Suppliers Day scheme.

Quality Plus, as an advocate of quality and one of the exhibitors of the event would like to contribute to the local cosmetic companies organizational development by sharing its expertise in setting up globally competitive management systems. Training and consulting service information, brochures, and calling cards were exchanged with the attendees who showed interest and shared their future plans for their organization.

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